Noisy advent calendar 2008
Wednesday, December 24th

Today's surprise is...

calendar Our final advent gift sees us going all Blue Peter with a cut n' paste effort you can assemble at home to prepare you for the year ahead - the gigs, festivals, new issues of Noisy and other super-special dates can all be recorded on this rather handy pocket calendar! Simply download the PDF document by clicking the link below and printing it off on an A4 sheet of paper, then - concentrate, here comes the science bit - fold the paper in half lengthways along the dotted line, then in half widthways along the dotted line, and once again widthways on the final dotted line... and voila! You should have a handy pocket-sized (roughly 3 x 4 inch) Noisy-style calendar!
If you are wondering who those chaps are adorning the page, well, some months ago Noisy put out a call for Essex bands to submit 'seasonal' shots of themselves for a possible calendar project - Southend electro wizards Weirdgear, the very jolly Bridport Dagger and mysterious Solitary Blossom all obliged, and sent in photos to represent Spring, Autumn and Winter, respectively. (Solitary Blossom's photo was taken on Brighton beach one December, apparently - and yes, we too feel it captures the essence of the British winter very well!) We didn't get a Summer entry, let alone enough for a proper 'hang on the wall' effort, but hopefully this little effort will come in handy!
Disclaimer! To the best of our knowledge, the dates are correct - if anyone comes across a mistake - let us know asap and it will be corrected!

Click here to download the 2009 Noisy pocket calendar (PDF, approx 1mb)

Noisy wishes all it's friends, readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Thanks for your support!

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